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The urge to start dating and how to eat an elephant

I know how it is to be on such a high once you’ve accepted your true self that you feel you’re ready to start dating, to start along the path to sharing your most intimate self with someone else … I’ve been there.

But I feel it should be said that a degree of caution and serious reflection should also be considered in this respect.

I can’t tell anyone what they should or should not do in their own life, but our emotions go through the mill with everything that is happening to us and it can take a lot longer to find the right level of equilibrium whereby we are truly “ready” for such a step than we might imagine.

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Motivational Quotes page

As I read more and more I regularly come across phrases which resonate with me as a transgendered individual.

Some I consider to be helpful for my own feelings of self worth, some I find might be useful for me to use when at the Gender Identity Clinic fighting for my right to hormones and possibly eventual surgery, and some I consider to just be simply motivational in their own right.

My memory not being what it was I decided to start recording some of them, and then it occurred to me that doing so on the blog would be a good way of sharing them too.

With that in mind I’ve now added a “Quotes” page, as you can see in the tabs.

It’s only small for now but I’m sure it will fill up fast as I feel more and more empowered by the strength of the transgender community out there.

Have a good day y’all. 🙂

Transgender support in Scotland and a first time “out”


When I got my first, incorrect, referral from my doctor last year part of the feedback I received included a suggestion that I should contact the LGBT Health and Wellbeing centre in Edinburgh.

At the time I was fairly angry about this because I knew that they would not be able to prescribe the hormones I was so desperately seeking, and I realised that I would actually need to “guide” my doctor through the required procedure, whatever that should be.

In time I was able to do that, but in this post I want to relate the ways in which I have found the centre to be such a help to me.

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If only for a day

A dreamYes, I know it’s a cliché, but doesn’t every girl love organza ball gowns?

From as far back as I can remember I’ve seen myself gliding across a dance floor in a magnificent ballroom somewhere with the orchestra playing a beautiful Strauss waltz, the rustling of the material additional music to my ears and my jewellery glistening a rainbow of colours as I fulfill my dream.

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Time for a little pampering, and to listen to people

20150923 Mare Lupus_008I thought it was about time I treated myself to some relaxation and a bit of pampering, so rather than the usual shower this morning I decided to have one of those lovely movie-style mega-bubble baths. On went the tap and in went copious amounts of creamy blue lotion which soon frothed into mountains of foam.

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Bonus Tuesday

I hate Tuesdays.

It’s the day my wife has off work, it’s always chaos, and I always get stressed out and completely worn out.

But at least today had a bonus.

When we went down town we got her a quickie appointment with the optician because she went to see the doc last night about her headaches, among other things, and the doc suggested it would be worth getting her eyes tested again.

While we were in there I casually asked if there was any news about the new glasses I’d ordered last week. They had said that they’d take 10 to 14 working days to come in, and since I got my appointment at the GIC I was thinking I’d like to have the new, more androgynous ones to wear to it if I could.

Well surprise, surprise, both pairs were actually in !

WOOT !!!!

So that’s one worry off my mind, and sort of makes up for the £30 parking ticket we got for being late back to the car (due to her usual disorganisation and hanging about like nothing matters).

Happy Tuesday !!

O.M.G. !!!

I just got a letter through the post … my next appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic !!!! YAYYYYYY !!!!

And when I picked the letter up off the mat I nearly SCREEEEAMED out loud !!… I knew straight away what it was because I could see through the window of the envelope who it was addressed to …

Addressed to TISH WOLFSONG !!

Addressed to TISH WOLFSONG !!

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Hold on tight to your dreams

Danny sent me a link yesterday to “Transsexual Stories”, a great BBC documentary about the experiences of some Trans women here in Scotland where I live.

There’s even a woman on there who began her transition later in life than I did, which I find particularly reassuring. 🙂

I’ve bookmarked it in my new “Motivational Archive” for future reference.

It’s an hour long, but I think well worth watching, and I hope it plays wherever you are.

I’m holding on to my dreams, never give up on yours!


Support in more subtle ways

I used to blog a lot back in the dark mists of time before my day of enlightenment, but of course back then I was blogging from the perspective of that old male persona which had become the norm for me over the years.

Last year I started again and began a blog which was based on my experiences as a female in Second Life, and that became a stepping stone to this blog, the one from which I speak as the real me, the real Tish.

I should have done this long ago because in just a few weeks I have connected with and am sharing in the experiences of so many lovely people, all of whom are either “out there and living it”, getting ready to take those first steps into the light, or still harbouring the dream of living life as their true selves.

They all have one thing in common though, apart from being transgendered/transsexual, and that is they all support each other … not necessarily just by commenting on each others posts or slapping the like button, but by what they say in their posts and the openness and honesty with which they share their experiences.

As we all read each others expressions of our innermost hopes and desires, and as others read them, we are supporting each other by the very positivity that we express.

Sure there will be days when we feel down, when things haven’t gone to plan or we just feel emotionally weary, but even then by posting about those days we are still supporting others by showing them that when they have days like that they are not alone. These things happen, and it really IS okay to let them out.

There is a great sense of love and fellowship flowing through the blogs I’m reading, and I get support just by the very process of reading them.

I hope they do the same for you, and long may it continue.

Support is important, and it works both ways … miniatures, graphic design, web design etc

Once again my planned blogging schedule is overtaken by events happening around me.

Someone Danny and I met quite by chance in Second Life last year (cis-female) has become a very close friend of ours and has been very supportive of both of us, especially with regard to our individual positions pertaining to gender.

She also happens to be a very talented miniaturist, web designer, graphic designer, etc. and having seen her at work in “artistic mode” I can vouch for her attention to detail and dogged determination to get things “just right” … “Almost right” is never enough for her as she is constantly checking visual angles, scale and textures.

Her work is in private collections and museums and has been featured in numerous magazines and the New York Times. She’s a member of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA), Artisans in Miniature (AIM), and the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME). Continue reading