Support in more subtle ways

I used to blog a lot back in the dark mists of time before my day of enlightenment, but of course back then I was blogging from the perspective of that old male persona which had become the norm for me over the years.

Last year I started again and began a blog which was based on my experiences as a female in Second Life, and that became a stepping stone to this blog, the one from which I speak as the real me, the real Tish.

I should have done this long ago because in just a few weeks I have connected with and am sharing in the experiences of so many lovely people, all of whom are either “out there and living it”, getting ready to take those first steps into the light, or still harbouring the dream of living life as their true selves.

They all have one thing in common though, apart from being transgendered/transsexual, and that is they all support each other … not necessarily just by commenting on each others posts or slapping the like button, but by what they say in their posts and the openness and honesty with which they share their experiences.

As we all read each others expressions of our innermost hopes and desires, and as others read them, we are supporting each other by the very positivity that we express.

Sure there will be days when we feel down, when things haven’t gone to plan or we just feel emotionally weary, but even then by posting about those days we are still supporting others by showing them that when they have days like that they are not alone. These things happen, and it really IS okay to let them out.

There is a great sense of love and fellowship flowing through the blogs I’m reading, and I get support just by the very process of reading them.

I hope they do the same for you, and long may it continue.

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