Bonus Tuesday

I hate Tuesdays.

It’s the day my wife has off work, it’s always chaos, and I always get stressed out and completely worn out.

But at least today had a bonus.

When we went down town we got her a quickie appointment with the optician because she went to see the doc last night about her headaches, among other things, and the doc suggested it would be worth getting her eyes tested again.

While we were in there I casually asked if there was any news about the new glasses I’d ordered last week. They had said that they’d take 10 to 14 working days to come in, and since I got my appointment at the GIC I was thinking I’d like to have the new, more androgynous ones to wear to it if I could.

Well surprise, surprise, both pairs were actually in !

WOOT !!!!

So that’s one worry off my mind, and sort of makes up for the £30 parking ticket we got for being late back to the car (due to her usual disorganisation and hanging about like nothing matters).

Happy Tuesday !!

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