Time for a little pampering, and to listen to people

20150923 Mare Lupus_008I thought it was about time I treated myself to some relaxation and a bit of pampering, so rather than the usual shower this morning I decided to have one of those lovely movie-style mega-bubble baths. On went the tap and in went copious amounts of creamy blue lotion which soon frothed into mountains of foam.

Just for effect my avatar in Second Life reflected the pleasure, although her bath was sprinkled with red rose petals.

As I lay there breathing in the heady aroma of the bubble bath I soaked my face flannel, folded it, and laid it over my face time and time again, just closing my eyes, laying back with the warmth of the bath enveloping me, relaxing, unwinding and feeling sensual and whole.

Luxuriating in that hot and steamy bath I soaped my budding breasts as gently and carefully as one might hold a butterfly on a summer afternoon.

I followed it with all over moisturising, put on a lovely blue silk belted top and my flowery gaucho pants, did my hair and applied plenty of spray to it for all day hold. On went the lippy, and I even applied a couple of squirts of my wife’s perfume, even though it doesn’t really suit me.

By the time I’d finished I must have smelled like a tart’s parlour, and imagined I looked good enough to be on the staff,  but that was half the point.

Today I feel really girly, all free and feminine, and it’s a great way to be.

It took me so long that I only just made it to the club in SL in time for my hostess job at mid-day.

As the set came to an end, however, the phone rang. It was the manager at the Gender Identity Clinic.

I’d left her a message to call me as I was concerned about the fact that my appointment was going to be the day after my Clarivein treatment on the varicose vein in my right leg.

As it turns out she’s had exactly the same treatments on her legs, and from her experience she was quite adamant that I should not attempt the drive to the clinic so soon after the treatment.

She fully understood my feelings and how desperate I was to not have to postpone things, but she eventually convinced me to delay my GIC appointment for 3 weeks, and so I’ll be going there on Wednesday 21st October.

I’m sad about the delay, but it will give me more time to prepare, and she was genuinely concerned that I shouldn’t have these other worries or any significant pain or discomfort that would possibly affect me on the day.

Just for once I listened to somebody and now, an hour or so later. I’m glad I did.

Time to put my feet up, and to carry on relaxing and feeling gloriously feminine.  🙂

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