If only for a day

A dreamYes, I know it’s a cliché, but doesn’t every girl love organza ball gowns?

From as far back as I can remember I’ve seen myself gliding across a dance floor in a magnificent ballroom somewhere with the orchestra playing a beautiful Strauss waltz, the rustling of the material additional music to my ears and my jewellery glistening a rainbow of colours as I fulfill my dream.

One of the greatest pleasures I get from Second Life is when Danny and I go dancing. There I can, in some small way, live that dream, although I’ve yet to find anywhere that plays waltzes on a regular basis. If anyone knows of somewhere that does then I’d appreciate a heads up on that. 🙂

In SL I have a huge collection of gowns to pick from, all different styles and colurs, and a girl can never have enough can she?

Ballroom Dancing with Danny

Ballroom Dancing with Danny

In real life, unfortunately, I’ll never be able to wear any styles as delightful as this due to the permanent discolouration of my leg from last year’s severe bout of cellulitis 😦

Orquidea gown


Nor will I ever look as beautiful as the girls in the pictures, or even my avatar, but that’s really immaterial … I’d FEEL beautiful!

I’ve been seriously considering, after I extricate myself from my current marital situation and if I can find a local instructor who wouldn’t mind taking on a trans woman, buying a gown and signing up for some dancing lessons, ballroom dancing of course. Then, at least in some small way I could live that dream, and get some well needed exercise too.

And once Danny and I are together then maybe, just the once, we might be able to find somewhere to go where I could realise my dream for real, and I could drink in the sensations and dance until I drop.

If only for a day.

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