Doing a lot of reading

One of the ways I’ve benefited since starting this blog is that the WordPress Reader has enabled me to focus in on some interesting material with regard to the whole process of transitioning that I wouldn’t otherwise have come across; useful tips and guidelines, the experiences of other people both as transgendered individuals or their friends/relatives, and motivational posts or wordings which help to boost my confidence.

Ever since my accident 9 years ago I’ve had great difficulty with committing myself to reading much because of the concentration it takes and trying to justify the “worth” of it because within a very short space of time I’m so likely to forget that I ever read things in the first place. It’s because of that very fact that I’ve completely given up even trying to read books.  As much as I would dearly love to settle down for a day and devour a good read from cover to cover (my old way), trying to read a book in bite-sized chunks, such as a chapter a day, would be impossible both from an organisational and “keeping up with the story” viewpoint; I’d have forgotten what I’d read before, who any characters were, the interactions between them, etc. etc.. (In the eyes of the medical profession, of course, this in no way inhibits any aspect of my daily life).

But blogs are different.  Blog posts can be spoon-fed to me, and it really isn’t that important a lot of the time to be able to remember what happened yesterday or in some previous post by the author. If I need to refer back to anything to help in my understanding of anything or to contextualise anything in particular then I can just do so by switching to a different tab in the browser.

As I’m now approaching what I consider to be my upper limit of blogs to follow so as not to be overly swamped by the amount of reading I might wish to do, or could mentally cope with, I’ve decided it’s time to share my likes by adding a Blogroll widget to the sidebar and pointing any passing reader to some of the other blogs which I find helpful, thought provoking, inspiring, or just plain old fashioned fun to follow. (Plus it adds some much needed colour to the sidebar.)

There are, however, two strings to my bow. I have my other blog, “The She-Wolf”, which I started before this one and both are operated from the same WordPress user-id, TishWolfsong. “The She-Wolf” is intended to concentrate on Second-Life and I took the decision to split posts relating to transgender matters away from that a while ago. Unfortunately I overlooked the inter-relationship having more than one blog under the same user-id might have, and so at least one of the blogs referenced in the Blogroll are ones that I follow from “The She-Wolf” and have nothing whatsoever to do with matters of a gender nature.  It/They may well be of interest to other participants in Second Life, but if anyone knows of a way to split the two lists in WordPress I really would appreciate a heads-up.

Anyway, back to the point …

By reading the blogs I have selected to follow, and many others along the way, I have been so impressed by the eloquent way some people are able to get their points across. There is much pleasure and reassurance to be found, I feel, in reading of the experiences of others who find themselves in a similar position to oneself or very closely attached to the issues at hand. I won’t say that I always agree with their views on every issue but I hope that if I choose to comment then I’m always respectful of the author’s point of view and their right to their own opinion. After all it is their blog, not mine.

Occasionally, especially when tired, I might not always fully grasp the meaning, perspective, or standpoint of a particular author on a new blog I encounter, and this has led to the occasional embarrassment when commenting, i.e. thinking a person is in support of unisex restrooms when they were, in fact, totally opposed. If ever I happen to comment on your blog and “get it so very, totally wrong” then I apologise in advance.

As a general rule I try to avoid blogs of a religious nature because I so often find them to be written by people for whom the phrase “God loves all His children” seems to have been conveniently overlooked or embellished with an horrendously long list of caveats, although I think there is one exception there in the list.

While having this blog is a welcome and much needed outlet for my own feelings and emotions, even though my writing style may not be to everyone’s liking, it has enabled me to learn so much more about myself, both through my own writing and by learning from others.

If you have something bottled up inside I really would recommend blogging as a way of release.  Don’t be afraid to express your inner self, you never know how therapeutic it can be until you do it. But if you already blog and it’s something you want to keep separate from the rest of “your world” I would seriously suggest using a different user-id! 😉

(Yes, my apologies, but that paragraph was directly aimed at one person who reads this blog.)

Be safe everyone.  Be happy.  Be true to yourself. 🙂

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