Another step in the right direction

It hardly seems possible that it’s already a week since my GIC appointment.

I’ve been in something of a numb state since then, not really able to take it all in. After all the nervous build-up and the tension everything was so simple. Effectively I’d done all the hard work at my first appointment and last week was just a review and rubber stamping exercise, which was the last thing I’d expected.

About the only thing that has gelled with me over the past week has been the realisation that with the best will in the world I’m never going to “look right” with my own hair, unless the hormones combined with the Finasteride can somehow work miracles, and so a wig finally rose to the top of the pile as far as necessities are concerned.

I started looking again and eventually stumbled across a British supplier who seemed to give off the right vibes, and whose products I might be able to afford. I narrowed things down, gradually, on their site to a final choice of two and then decided to telephone them for some last minute advice.

The guy on the phone was just what I had hoped he would be; understanding, helpful, easy to talk to, and reassuring. All the things I needed, given my dislike of using the telephone anyway.

When I put the phone down I “plumped” for one of the two final choices and placed my order.

There then followed a list of emails updating me on the status of my order, which I was pleased to receive, and after one final email today from the courier advising me of the expected delivery time, it arrived.

Perhaps, on reflection, I should have gone for the longer style which was my other choice, but one has to start somewhere, and the model I chose does have possibilities for some variation of style.

I’ve already been experimenting a bit with different positions, playing around with angles and gently creating a “feel” that I think will look natural enough and, once I’m dolled up, give me at least a possible chance of “passing” at a distance, which is the point of the exercise for now.

I took some rough selfies when I first put it on, just for posterity, but when I go to the LGBT group meeting on Monday all made up and fully en femme it will look a lot better.

2015-10-28-Wig 1

Considering I’ve never worn a wig before and I have quite a large head I’m surprised at how comfortable it feels, even without a cap (which is something else I’ve now ordered). The colour, Autumn Blonde, is pretty much as I’d hoped it would be, and the quality is more than acceptable given the price tag of £30.

Chuffed? .. Yes!

Going to get the longer, fluffier one too? … You bet!

Recommending the supplier? … Definitely!

Have a great day folks. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Another step in the right direction

  1. I think you look fantastic. I’m digging the color, style, it really does suit you. Oh what fun shopping for things like this. I’m ecstatic for you. Keep it up Love!

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