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A trip out down town. Did I say “Out”?

I’d managed to squirrel away some extra spending money this month and was at a loss to decide what to best use it on; a wrap/poncho, make-up, underwear, a dress, save it towards a wig … and new or used (ok, so not “used” underwear, eeuwgh).

I’d been looking at a few things online, eBay and such, but all the things I really liked were either out of my price bracket or too great a risk size-wise to be able to commit to.

I also needed to go down town to get some more VO5 hot oil for my hair.

Ok, so town it was going to be. Next question … Boy (another eeuwgh), or “Tish” (palpitations)?

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Do I hate my body? A rehearsal for the Gender Identity Clinic

Two weeks on Wednesday I have my second appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic and it has become more and more apparent to me over the past few weeks that the psychiatrists at these clinics are programmed to seek a particular response before diagnosing someone with Gender Dysphoria. It goes like this …

Scenario 1.

Question: Do you hate your body?

Answer: Yes!

Result: A good chance that a positive diagnosis will be given.

Scenario 2.

Question : Do you hate your body?

Answer: No.

Result: Very little chance that a positive diagnosis will be given.

So I have a problem, as I shall explain in this rather lengthy post.

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The abomination that is the “Gay and Trans Panic Defense” when killing someone

Once again I find myself changing the theme of today’s post after having read something elsewhere that just riles me so much.

This post¬†about the “Gay and Trans Panic Defense” which is available over most of the USA made me absolutely furious.

Not being an American I’d not heard of the “Panic Defense” before, and what an utter abomination of the legal system it is!

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