LGBT group Drop-In Night

I didn’t go to the Drop-In last Monday evening. I was on a downer and feeling really flat so at the last minute I ditched my plans and just stayed home.

Since yesterday I’m feeling much perkier again though, and so I muddled through my preparation routine and got myself “glammed up” to go. I had intended to drop in at Next on the way out of town to get a lovely pair of brown belted ponte boot cut trousers that I’ve had my eye on for a while. They look lovely on the rail, the material is really nice, and I think I can get a pair that will fit me. In my usual muddled way though I forgot about allowing for the rush hour traffic, and so as I set off I realised I wouldn’t have time today. Oh well …

Group was really good though. πŸ™‚ Chatted a lot, especially with another T-girl, and tidied up plans to go along to the Women’s group get-together this Friday.

What pleased me the most though was the way I looked.

My friend Bloss said to me a while back that for women of our age when it comes to make-up, less is more. I think she’s right.

I kept it simple today, just moisturiser and a good layer of foundation, with some rouge on the cheeks (applied better than I’ve managed it before). Then when I’d put my wig on, which I also managed better than on previous occasions, I did my lippy and all of a sudden … wow! Progress!

Finally I found myself looking in the mirror and really feeling like I’ve moved forward a few steps. πŸ™‚

The selfies, as always, don’t do justice to the look, but at last I feel I can go out the door and feel confident about how I look, and that’s a really good feeling!

I was intending to do my nails in a red/white/blue/white/red set as a mark of respect for recent events, but changed my mind at the last minute as the colours would have clashed with the brown-toned outfit I was wearing. So instead I stuck with my regular MaxFactor Gloss Infinity 60 Midnight Bronze, put it on smoother than normal, and just for once I didn’t damage it before getting out of the door. Yay!!

Whilst chatting there was some surprise when I said I was 62, so I reckon I did a good job.

All in all a good result all round. πŸ™‚

Blurred, but confident

Blurred, but confident

Flasher in the toilet

Flasher in the toilet



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