Transgender Day of Remembrance


Today is a day where we are all asked to set aside some time for reflection. To think about those whose lives were taken purely because of who they were. Callously murdered simply for being themselves.

Over the years they have been many, but even one life extinguished out of irrational hatred is too many.

I’ll be going along to the Women’s Wellbeing Group: “Thank You” get-together, partly because it’s a group that I haven’t had the opportunity to attend before, but particularly on this occasion to join with them in showing solidarity and respect for those we have lost. We may never have known our lost comrades personally, but we walk a similar path, suffer similar emotions, similar stresses, and hold similar hopes and dreams that they once held.

Tonight’s meeting will be our very own version of Thanksgiving where we come together to share food, music, stories and experiences. There is also the option of taking along items for the local Food Bank, and I’ve put together a selection of things which are on their “most wanted” list.

Even if you don’t have a local group doing anything to mark this day I would ask you to try to find a few moments to take time out to reflect. Maybe light a candle at home, or in a church that you may pass during the day, and just remember that people the world over, not just transgender people, face hatred, persecution, violence and death due to the ignorance and irrational fears of others.

We need to stop hatred in this world, in all its’ forms. We need to learn to live together in peace and to accept that everyone is different, everyone is unique, and everyone has a right to be the person they are inside.

Let today be a day where we spread that message as a tribute to those who went before us and paid the ultimate price.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Transgender Day of Remembrance

  1. Lovely post Tish, heartbreaking that someone’s life would be taken because they’re different and unique than someone else. Thank you for sharing this remembrance with us. You are one in a million! Hugs!

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