Transgender definition

Being transgender is not a “lifestyle choice”, but getting that message across to people isn’t always easy.

As with trying to explain any complex issue to people one has to use words and phrases that person can relate to in order to help them understand, and each of us is different in what “gels” with us. I also feel in a lot of cases it is easier to understand things from the viewpoint of someone with direct experience of the subject in hand rather than just all the scientific babble which is out there and is, in many cases, too complicated to maintain the readers’ interest.

Since my moment of realisation about my true self in 2013 I’ve seen some very well written blog posts, articles and some good videos online which I feel explain it all very well, and with that in mind although the past ones have slipped through the net I’m now starting a collection here on the blog of links which I hope will help people to a better understanding of the issues involved.

Flip over to the Transgender Definition page for the first link, and I’m hoping to update it with more on a regular basis.

To those of you who celebrate it, have a Happy Thanksgiving and may peace, love, joy and understanding go with you.

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