What this T-Girl added to her Christmas list for her make-up routine … a Dremel Multi-tool

So, Danny kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I kept saying “nothing”. I’m like that. Christmas lost its’ appeal for me a long while ago, and last year wifey and I didn’t even bother putting the tree up.

But Danny persisted, as he always does when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays, even enlisting the services of our friend Z to try to (not so) subtly try to wrangle a suggestion out of me.

Tell me 1A

In situations like this I do try to make sure that whatever it is it’s something that I really NEED, and that can take me a while to fathom out because I never know what I need until I realise once again that I don’t have it, especially as I try to keep it in the realms of something that will help me to feel or act more like a woman. Clothing, wigs, make-up … you get the idea.

Eventually it dawned on me! Yep, top of my Christmas wish list there was actually nothing this T-girl needed more to help her feel comfortable about herself than …

Dremel 3000

Dremel 3000

Now, I know what you’re thinking … “WHY did Tish feel the need to add a DREMEL to her make-up collection?!”

Well, it’s like this …

I have a hammer toe on my right foot. The nail on that toe is an abysmal thing; way too thick to get clippers around, hard as hell, and a b*tch to get to as it points downwards and with my back it’s a hell of a strain to get at it. When it gets long it hurts like hell because the nail is pointing downwards and every step pushes in back into my toe so I have to walk with very strange angle to my foot so as not to put too much pressure on it

But … whenever I do settle down to attack it I remember that when I was back in Wales and we had dogs we used to use my old Dremel to grind their nails back and, unfortunately, my old Dremel was one of the multitude of things I left behind when I escaped from the “Frog woman”. (Long and complicated story). Every time I have to attack my toenails I remember how much I wish I still had it and so, as I was beginning to feel that time was coming round again, it naturally bobbed to the top of the list.


So Danny ordered one for me and it arrived ahead of schedule, thankfully, and although it’s a bit heavier than I remember and took a bit of “working out the angles”, I’m now Mrs. Cosy-toes! YAY !! (No, you’re not getting a picture of my horrible feet).


Now, while we’re on the subject of Christmas and seeing that I mentioned our friend Z earlier here’s a little bonus for you.

Z has an online store at CafePress and within that there’s a section of Christmas tree decorations. I think they’re really cute, and if you’re thinking of adding a few little extras to your tree this year I think these would be a great place to start. Just click the picture to go there.

Z Deco 1

Seeing her store on there got me to thinking. I’ve been wondering for a long while about creating a range of LGBT themed clothing in Second Life but I’ve been getting very bogged down in the process and needed something to re-inspire me. So, I’ve started my own CafePress store up too!

I only started it yesterday, so there’s not a whole ton of stuff on it yet, but it has got me “working” again, which can only be a good thing!

Almost everything on it will have a connection to matters LGBT in some way or other, so if you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone, stocking filler, or maybe something for yourself then pop on over and have a look at “T-Time with Tish”. I’ll be adding T-shirts later today. 🙂

Best hurry … CafePress is based in the good old US of A, so if you’re not ‘Merican you need to allow for delivery times and there’s only 3 weeks to Christmas now!

Links to both our stores will also be found in the new “Shopping” page I’ve just added.

You know, this IS starting to get me in the Christmas mood a bit. Maybe we will put the tree up this year. 🙂

Stay safe.


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