Archive | February 2016

Trust, just trust …

I don’t know how “the Universe” works, what it intends for any of us or where we will end up.

I’m not “religious” in any accepted meaning of the word, but it seems that, somehow, something always happens “in the nick of time” when things get rough.

Maybe it’s that “karma” thingy?

I hope I’m able to be kind, caring, and understanding towards other people, (Danny gently mocks me for, as he puts it, “picking up waifs and strays” and trying to help them), and somehow life manages to keep me going … to what end I know not.

Whatever the situation it seems that something always happens to ensure I just scrape through, so maybe that’s what will happen with my transition?

Guess I’ll have to trust “the Universe” on that one too. 🙂