Today I began the next stage of my journey

Finally, almost three years since my “moment of realisation”, today I had my first jab of Triptorelin.

Testosterone Blockers!!! … YAYYYYYY !!!

A jab in the bum which should last 3 months, then another one to follow that, I already have the kit to take with me next time, and at about that time I should be starting on the Estrogen patches. 🙂

So now there’s no turning back for me, not that there was ever going to be. 🙂

I mentioned in my brief post earlier today that things seem to be converging, so let me explain.

The first thing I had to do this morning was to call the hair salon in Edinburgh that I’ve chosen for providing my wigs.  I’ve made an appointment for next Wednesday afternoon. 🙂

As I was noting the appointment in my phone I remembered to add another appointment I’ve made. The day after my GIC appointment a couple of weeks back the local branch of Headway (the brain injury association) had a special re-launch event which was supported by some other relevant groups in the area. While I was there I took the opportunity to have a chat with someone on the Advocacy stand because I’ve been needing help with communicating with organisations ever since my accident, especially by telephone, but had been turned away when I’d enquired before. This time the lady I spoke to was really helpful and understanding. After discussing my situation we decided on the most appropriate group for my location and needs and she’d said that she would contact them and get them to call me. They did, last week, and I have an initial appointment with them in a fortnight to go through things.

Then I had to pop round to my local pharmacy to pick up the Triptorelin. As it happened I needed to call in to see an old neighbour on the way round there and, as luck would have it she mentioned that she and her hubby were going to see the nurse this afternoon. I casually enquired as to which practice they used, (the same as me), and then the time they were going, and was a little disappointed to discover that they would be there at a similar time to myself. As wifey knows them quite well I therefore couldn’t risk going to see my nurse en femme as to bump into them would really mess the day up. Unfortunate, but a necessary sacrifice.

Then, when I got back from the pharmacy the postman knocked on the door and delivered my new Vape kit. YAY – At last! I unpacked it, set a battery to charge, and read through the booklet … then emailed Danny for help to decide which parts to use and how to set it up. 🙂

Obviously getting my first jab tops the list of things for today. It’s been a long and frustrating time since my diagnosis last October, but at last I can say that my journey has truly begun. 🙂

The nurse was lovely. She even checked with me that I knew I could get free wigs (see above) and she’s looking forward to seeing how I progress too, which is nice. 🙂

There have been a couple of downsides to today too.

Obviously I’d have liked to be able to go to see the nurse dressed more comfortably. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can think about going a bit more “full time”. That’s an area I need to start giving some attention to.

Also I won’t be able to celebrate today with my Danny. He has to be working off-site today and won’t be home until too late for us to be together in Second Life. 😦 But I know he’s been with me all day, thinking of me, and I got another email from him just now. 🙂

All in all it’s been some day, and one that I sometimes thought would never arrive!


As it happens today would have been my Mum’s birthday. If I had been more self aware years ago and staked my claim for my own existence she’d never have understood what it was all about. It would have broken her. Dad, possibly, would have been able to cope with it; one will never know.

But thinking about this reminds me that although for my own part I lost so many years of potentially living the life I should have had, I would have lost a very important and meaningful part of me and hurt those who, as an adopted child, I was so fortunate to have shared those years with.

Everything in its own time.

Also, today of all days, I see I’ve registered my 50th “follower”!  I said everything seemed to converge today. 🙂

Stay safe everyone.

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