Air Transat Denies Boarding to Transgender Passenger

I was quite surprised to come across this story this morning, especially as the passenger concerned was in the UK at the time.

It’s a cautionary tale for any transgender traveler that, despite what you may think, your rights can still be denied at any time.

If I’d spotted it yesterday at the time it happened I would have suggested she get the police involved.

4 thoughts on “Air Transat Denies Boarding to Transgender Passenger

  1. One of my sisters in the revolution (Sanders campaign) told me she is terrified of the prospect of visiting me in Canada because of the hellish experience the border crossing could become. I’m pretty sure the Canadian border guards would not violate her human rights as she exited the US, but I’m not so sure about the Homeland Security folks’ behaviour as she returned. Her documents still bear her natal given name. So she is probably right to err on the side of caution for now. On a positive note, Canada just declared that trans people can serve in the military with full locker room rights aligned with their gender identity, and that went into effect immediately. Progress.


    • Wow, that’s great news about the Canadian Military, Kiki. I’d missed that one.
      I think your friend is wise to be cautious for now, but could she not contact Homeland Security in advance of planning any trip and seek clarification?
      Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to be in touch again. 🙂


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