Chalmers Center, Edinburgh – Latest on waiting times

Just as things were improving there’s another fly in the ointment for those waiting for appointments at the Chalmers Street Gender Identity Clinic in Edinburgh.  😦

This was posted in Facebook this week …

Hey, just thought I’d let folks know that my son phoned Chalmers Street last Friday to find out if there was any news about his first appointment. He was told that anyone referred from July /August time was on the list but wouldn’t hear anything until they have cover for the consultant who has gone on maternity leave.

Anyone wanting more information should maybe check this page on the Lothian NHS website.

If you are one of those waiting for your first appointment please don’t despair. You WILL get in eventually, and all the team there are absolutely marvelous. It’s not their fault that there are always staff shortages because more people don’t want to do that job.

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