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“But who would possibly want to be with you?”

It’s very rare for me to reblog someone else’s work, but I feel this particular post says so much about the internal struggles we face and how difficult it can be to overcome the often-held belief by others that we are in some way sexual parasites.

Thank you Zinnia Jones for expressing what many of us feel inside.

Reclaiming our transgender sexualities

Being transgender has NOTHING to do with sexuality

Ever since I first realised that I was a part of the transgender community it has seemed incongruous to me that our group should be included under the LGBT (LGBTQI+) umbrella. That is not to say that there aren’t valid reasons for those of us who don’t conform to societal binary “norms” to be grouped together in recognition of our shared struggle, indeed we all gain strength from our unity. But as you will see I find it leads to a lot of misrepresentation about us, our needs and our our desires.

Before I begin in earnest I’d like you to read this article as I will be referring to it during my little tirade here.

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