18 months later …

… and it’s time to go and see my hairdresser again.

Yes, having grown my hair gradually for a couple of years since the last short, male cut I had I’ve now gone 18 months without anything being done to it.

I called in to see Mel the other day, explain the situation and make an appointment, so at least she’s prepared.

Right now I don’t know if she going to suggest an all over #2 so that my wigs go on easier, just an ends trim and a partial shortening at the sides, or whether she can come up with something which will allow me to go out femme without a wig. So I’ll be rather nervous this afternoon.

I’ve been letting it grow because I would love to have a long, straight ponytail, but it’s taking for ever and my hair does have a natural waviness to it as well. I wear a ponytail now, but it’s only just past the top of my shoulders and is “bulbous”. 😦

So, we shall see. But I know I’m going to enjoy the experience no matter what, as long as Mel doesn’t suggest THIS! …

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