Tonight’s the night, and it feels like the Oscars

Here we are at last.

Tonight is the Awards Ceremony for the Fife Voluntary Action Volunteering and Voluntary Sector 2018 Awards in which the group I help run, Transgender Fife, is shortlisted in the Equality and Diversity section.

We were amazed to have been shortlisted so we’re certainly not expecting to win, and we know that the other candidates will all be very worthy of the award. We wish them all well.

It’s going to be a really busy day for me as I have to spruce myself up and get on the road for an appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic in Edinburgh, before then heading back to Glenrothes where my dear friend Jenny from Ace of Face will be waiting to do my make-up for me in readiness for the big night. I might take a change of clothes with me too as it’s probably better to be safe than sorry.

Then it will time to meet up with the rest of the team and take our places. The Rothes Halls in Glenrothes barely compares to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, but for us tonight is our Oscars ceremony, and whatever happens we intend to make the most of it.

Here is a short video about the 2017 Ceremony.

Wish us luck !!

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