Employment Law (Scotland) – Urgent advice please

Completely off-thread for this blog I have an urgent question regarding Employment Law in Scotland. Please only respond with facts, not opinions, as this relates directly to the situation with Covid-19.

My wife is the director of a wholesale cash and carry business (which includes fresh food products) and has an employee who insists on coming to work because she needs the money, even though she has a persistent cough. My wife is extremely concerned about this but too busy running the business to have time to do her own research so I am asking …

Does my wife, as Director of the company, have the legal right to force an employee to take sick leave and, if so (given the situation with Covid-19), then have the right to determine when that employee can return to work?

Your help would be appreciated, and when replying please advise me of your legal qualifications so that I know you have the right experience.

Thank you.

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