Overweight? Unhealthy? Puffed? Need an easy start to exercise? Take inspiration from this young man

As a result my accident in 2006 I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury which still affects my daily life even now.

As part of my recovery and rehabilitation process I joined up with Fife Headway, the local branch of the Headway brain injury association and, although my injury didn’t affect me in physical ways, I met a lot of people there with quite serious mobility and motabily issues. As a result of that my views on disabilities changed dramatically as I now have a far greater understanding of the issues involved.

The current lock down and restrictions imposed upon us over the past few months have resulted in a dramatic increase in weight due to “comfort eating” and, added to my circulation problems which cause me such pain in my feet, I was starting to wonder how I was ever going to be able to get into an exercise routine that was suitable for me. It would have to be something that I can do easily, especially to start with, as I’m now so lacking in muscle mass too from lack of exercise over the recent months.

Just by chance the following video appeared today in my YouTube recommended list and upon starting to watch it I immediately knew that I would be able to learn from it.

Why? … Because the guy showing us the exercises has Dystonia and, in his case, this means he is somewhat difficult to understand. This however, hasn’t stopped him from becoming an award winning personal trainer and disability coach.

All the best cajolling from loved ones can’t help unless one finds a moment of inspiration, and James Sutliff has certainly provided that for me. Obviously I wouldn’t want to become as “strapped” as he is, but my first target is to get back down a size so that the things in my wardrobe still fit me. (I guess that’ll mean some dietary improvements too … aww shucks! 😦 )

For my part I’m going to be starting my exercise regime now beginning with the simple things, such as in this video, and then using his other videos to move on to more work as I am able.

If, like me, you’re turning into a blobby, slobby mess right now then welcome to the first day of your new life!


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