In the Ghetto

I’ve always been a great fan of Elvis Presley, ever since as a child Mum would say that there was an Elvis concert on the TV. It would be almost compulsory viewing for me because I loved his voice so much, and his stage shows were amazing, for the time.

“In the Ghetto” has long been a favourite among his many recordings, not only because it is such a well structured song but it highlights the struggles that so many people face; struggles which a truly caring society would, by now, have eliminated.

In a way I can still picture myself as a teenager walking to meet friends with that song going round and round in my head, and knowing that it in some way resonated with a never-ending stuggle that I felt inside, although in those days I had no words to describe what that struggle was.

Now in later life, and with the self knowledge that I have attained, I see inside that young man’s mind and know that he felt he could never see a way of being really be true to himself. Or, more accurately, as society existed at that time she could never be true to herself.

I’ve just come across a really interesting interview with the song’s composer and want to share it with you, along with a reminder of Elvis performing it.

I hope you all find peace in your own inner truth.

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