Please make it stop!

Well, at least Friday was nice.

I was due for some new wigs, courtesy of the NHS, and went over to Edinburgh to make my selection. I picked out one in a similarish style to my usual ones but with a bit of a colour change, and have ordered three more in from which I’ll select another. I went over with a friend as she wanted to get a new wig and some professional advice and she came away with something that will look really good on her.

Also my friend had bought me a small gift as a thank you for being so helpful and supportive to her over the past few months, a lovely necklace that I’d seen in a shop window the week before and drooled over. When I got home and undid the parcel I was deeply touched by her sweet gesture. I’ll show you both the wig and the necklace in a future post.

It was later on Friday evening that things started to go wrong.

I was just sitting watching tv at a quarter to midnight when I had a really strange feeling inside, became dizzy and progessively more worried as the dizziness continued in waves and I began having small pains in my arms, hands and around my sternum.

After about half an hour I decided that I ought to press my personal alarm to call for medical help and, to cut a long story short, ended up being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Wrist tag

Fortunately they decided it wasn’t anything serious, ECG’s were perfect, just a bit of a wobble with my blood pressure, but as one of my blood test readings looked a bit suspicious they kept me in overnight so as to check that the reading was stable by the morning, which it was.

I took it easy over the weekend and rested up as much as possible.

Then, this morning, I was starting to get ready to go for an electrolysis appointment followed by meeting up with the parent of a trans teenager. I was in the wet room running a basin to have a shave, (God! I HATE having to shave!), and when I turned the hot tap off the pipe just below the basin split with a lound BANG! and water began pissing out at high pressure all across the room.

Being “old school” I immediately began scouring all the cupboards to find the stop-cock and, when crouching down to turn one off under the kitchen sink my back gave in!

I struggled to get up again, fiddled with the controls on the boiler to see if that would stop the water, to no avail, and eventually realised that there was a cut-off “in” the broken pipe that I could turn with a screwdriver.

This stopped the water leaking out, but by this time the wet room had so much water in it that it was seeping out all through my hall and the carpet there is now soaked.

I called the support warden and she came round and kindly sorted out the water in the wet room and laid towels along my hallway. She also called for an emergency plumber who has since been but didn’t have the right sized pipe with him so will have to come back tomorrow. He did turn the stop-cock back on and reset the boiler for me though.

This has cost me £60 for my missed electrolysis appointment and right now I’m sitting here waiting for Tramadol to kick in and relieve the back pain.

So, to try to keep my spirits up, I’m watching this video on a loop and dreaming that, one day, wearing a gorgeus flowing dress, I’ll be able to go see Andre Rieu. When it comes time for the orchestra to play The Beautiful Blue Danube it would be so lovely to have a nice, kind gentleman ask me to dance, take my hand and knock one off my bucket list by leading me through this wonderful music as my dress flows softly around me.

Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

It’s my “go to” in times of trouble.

Stay safe y’all.

6 thoughts on “Please make it stop!

  1. Sorry to hear about all your recent troubles. When it rains it pours, and unfortunately for you that meant in your place. I am glad you are okay. Medical scares are never fun. ‘

    Here’s a virtual hug for you 🤗.



    • Hi Crysti,
      Thanks for stopping by, your good wishes, and for following my blog. 🙂
      The moment passed, as these things do. Sometimes it’s good just to have a place to be able to vent.
      Hopefully I’ll have a more positive post over the weekend. 🙂


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