I’ve had enough of this, it’s time for some hard talking

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Ok, so I know this might make me very unpopular with a lot of people but I really have had enough of the world wide incompetence regarding Covid-19.

Let’s be absolutely honest here, we, the human race, are at war.

But the point is we are at war with something that almost no government in the world seems to have an appropriate sense of urgency in addressing.

From Wikipedia: As of 09:23 UTC on 9 October 2020, a total of 36,542,723 cases are confirmed in more than 227 countries and territories, and 26 cruise and naval ships. There are 10,003,011 active cases and 1,062,360 deaths.

Here in the UK, which is made up of four discreet nations, there is no one unified approach to the problem or direction from the various levels of government. It’s chaos; a complete shambles.

In the USA there is even greater chaos as a two-faced imbecile first lies to the people he is charged with protecting regarding the severity of the issue, then spends months encouraging them to ignore basic safety measures, while all the time simply passing the buck onto someone else (China) while he childishly continues to refer to it as “the China virus” and tells everyone he’s marvellous instead of behaving in a presidential manner and leading by example.

With the USA being a country that, in the modern world, so many people around the globe look to for guidance on major issues I, for one, am glad that he and his brainless sycophants in the White House are dropping like flies with this. It serves him and them right!

With cases around the world on the increase again I’m going to cut to the chase here and make my statement.

Irrespective of the financial considerations, (more on that in a moment), the WHOLE WORLD needs to go into lockdown NOW!

Not eventually.

Not just at a local level; one town or region here and there.

Not one country, maybe, while others remain open for business.


AND, the directive and leadership for this needs to come from the World Health Organisation (who have been pussy-footing around on the whole issue for months on end) and the United Nations (who have been pussy-footing on everything since their inception and owe it to us all to actually UNITE for once).

The powers that be in this world (governments, elected representatives, delegates, dictators, whoever…) need to stand up and be counted!

And who should pay for this? Who should provide funds to help support the governments in this as they, in turn, will have to financially support so many of their own population?

The banks, the billionaires, the oligarchs, the multi-nationals that have screwed the human race for far too long. That’s who!

In this time of crisis when they’ve gotton their wealth from the likes of you and I, the everyday people in the street, it’s their HUMAN DUTY to give back and to contribute to the greater good.

What honest benefit is there in a person stockpiling never ending wealth, which they will never spend until their dying day, when that money could be channeled into supporting the war effort against this most evil of enemies?

There are so many small and family businesses, the life blood of communities the world over, which are failing through no fault of their own while this pandemic rages and while that happens the governments play politics, the fat cats get fatter, people around the world suffer and die, and the virus just carries on spreading.

Yes I know that airlines in particular would suffer from a global lockdown, many of them would probably not survive, but would that be such a bad thing? It would certainly help the environment!

I love to travel and see the world, when the opportunity arises, but if it helps to win this war then I’d be prepared to forego that and take whatever holidays I can at a more local level. In this electronic, internet ridden, age is there such a real need for people to travel the world to meetings?

In a war EVERYONE needs to make sacrifices!

We are at war, and it’s time the world got it’s act together and started fighting back.

After a war the world becomes a different place. We have the opportunity to win this war and make the world a better place for all.

This may be our last chance.

If you believe in the principles that I’ve laid out here then start the fight by using the hashtag #WW3

Thank you for listening, and please stay safe.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve had enough of this, it’s time for some hard talking

  1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Imagine – if the whole world could come up with a unified, coordinated response, we could beat anything . . . like climate change!
    On a sombre note – we’re (most of us) doing OK in Australia (although Melbourne is only just starting to emerge from a horrible couple of months). It looks dire in the UK. Please take care and stay well.

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    • Yup, all it would take is for those at the top to open their eyes, and their minds.
      Glad it’s not as bad in Aus, generally, as it is over here.
      I’m avoiding close contact whenever I can. Hoping you can stay safe too.
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  2. Hi Tish, like Curious Mother I hail from Australia. Our governments took it seriously from early on. And by and large the populace has accepted restrictions and lockdowns.
    There has been complaint but not much. Even political disagreement has been muted.
    Most states have good health capability and the nation has universal health care. The nation of 25 million is now seeing 20 cases a day local infections but most people realise it could take off if we let our guard down.
    The long term implications of this virus are not clear but early reports suggest possible multi organ damage and neurological problems including parkinsons. So let’s proceed gently.
    Government economic stimulus and support has been the response of most countries but the answer is not just throwing pound notes for its own sake although they do fend off immediate survival risks, but directing growth in certain directions to create a more resiliant world. And yes climate change is the obvious one.
    Stay safe everybody.


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