2 thoughts on “Can we get back to normal now, please?

  1. I totally agree it is time to get serious, and just maybe Biden can do it here in the US, but states still hold power. It worked in some people’s favor when Trump tried to stop masks from being mandatory, but the states held the power to still do it. I know it’s a bit strange, but that’s how it works. So, a national mandatory mask order, could be ignore by individual states. But, I think he does have the power to direct resources to see that are health care system has the necessary means.

    But, I beg to differ with you, I like to get to choose what style mask I wear. lol 🙂


  2. My real point, Stephie, was regarding the incumbent of the White House and American politics in general. A return to courtesy, respect and actually DOING the job. That’s as opposed to manic capitalised tweeting, rantings, exaggerations, lies and self aggrandising, none of which are in any way “Presidential”.
    On the face masks issue yes, I take your point about the way your system works and it raises an issue which I think is wrong with the system and has contributed to the polarisation of opinions this year. If a pandemic threatens everyone, (across state, national and international borders), then doesn’t that make dealing with it a federal issue? If so then the system should allow for federal leadership by way of a top level mandate, in this case that the wearing of face masks should be compulsory until the national medical advisors agree that the threat is over. After all, individual states don’t have the option to opt out of a war, do they?
    As for individual choice of face mask? Hell yeah, wear whatever is effective, irrespective of the brand of tea it promotes. 😉


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