Just when I needed them: Pronouns – and a challenge

I’ve been finding it hard lately to come up with something to blog about. Oh sure, there’s a whole rack of YouTube videos I have flagged and ready to roll, but knowing which is most important or what to say to lead into them has been somewhat holding me back.

Today that changed, and thanks to Beau for this insightful message to everyone. I’m not sure he really knows what a sea-change he may have started.

He’s SO right!

The more people do this, the less the transgender community will be isolated.

The more people do this, the less the transgender community will be looked on as something to be feared.

The more people do this, the more we all, as people, will come together.

I have a challenge for you. If you are someone in a position of authority in a business then make it your company’s preferred policy that your staff include their pronouns in the footer of their emails, letters, etc.

If your business is #PronounPositive then the word will soon spread.

<your name here>
<your title here>
<your pronouns here>

As in …
Tish Wolfsong
Transgender Fife Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her

Also, encourage them to add their pronouns to their personal profiles, footers, and anywhere else where their name appears.

This isn’t just a transgender matter either. People with names such as Kim, Lindsay and others are often misgendered. If we all stated our pronouns by default then nobody would have an excuse for getting it wrong.

Join the movement and be #PronounPositive with this free button.

2 thoughts on “Just when I needed them: Pronouns – and a challenge

  1. This would certainly help out, but even more needs to be done. Outside of the hateful bigots, the biggest problem is the ignorance people have concerning gender. This should be something taught in primary school. Society as a whole needs to fight prejudice of any stripe. Call it a pipedream, but someone has to dream it, so why not me.

    On a personal level, I still find it odd when a person introduces themselves or says at the end of a written communication. I know I am guilty of not including mine, and this is not because I don’t want people to know. Maybe, your post will spur me to do so in the future.

    No particular title,

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