US Senate verifies that lunatics can run the asylum and by doing so advocates “Anarchy Rules OK”

How say you? Guilty, or not guilty?

Not guilty … 43 out of 100

That is the number of members of the United States Senate who voted that Donald J. Trump was NOT guilty of inciting the insurrection that took place at the United States Capitol on January 6th 2020.

Let history show that FORTY THREE Republican Senators believe that everything Donald Trump did in the months leading up to the election, everything he did after the election, and everything he did ON THE DAY OF THE INSURRECTION is “Ok by us, folks”.

Shame on you. Shame on every single one of you. Shame, shame, SHAME!

According to those forty three Senators ANY future President of the United States can, effectively, do ANYTHING THEY WANT and get away with it, no matter how disgusting or despicable that may be.

The United States holds itself up as a beacon to the world, a “shining example” of democracy.


I spy a “banana republic” in the offing thanks to the moral turpitude of those forty three.

Perpetual shame on every single one of them.

4 thoughts on “US Senate verifies that lunatics can run the asylum and by doing so advocates “Anarchy Rules OK”

  1. Yes, the US has a lot to answer for. Our politics is atrocious at the moment, but do not forget who holds the presidency now. He has already done much to correct Trump horrendous actions. As a transgender woman, I feel he has my back. The Senate is divided with the tying vote available by Kamala Harris. For the next two years until the mid-term elections things don’t look too bad.

    However, I think that the US heading for a banana republic. Remember the 7 republicans vote to convict. The thing of it is is it takes 67 votes to convict, and that was not obtained.

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    • Thankfully, Stephie, we do get a bit of a reprieve for a couple of years at least and, in the short term, it may be that the right will be so split by this that it won’t be able to form an effective block. But in the future?
      A coalition of the GOP and a Trumpist (fascist) party would be likely to outnumber the left in a tri-party system, and from there one has the route for fascism to take over. Not in your or my lifetimes maybe, but the threat is there in the longer term and yesterday’s events show that a future Hitler emerging through that would be virtually unimpeachable.
      Yes, 7 brave and honest souls did do the right thing yesterday. They put aside party politics to stand by the defence of the Constitution, and unlike so many others they gave the finger to the possibility of “being Primaried” in the future.
      THEY were the true patriots, but unfortunately in a minority within the GOP.
      As a side note to all this I do want to say that I feel incredibly sorry for Mike Pence. He did the right thing all the way through; he stood by the Constitution while under immense duress and suffering threats, and for that he was vilified and made an even greater target by his former friend who pointed an armed uprising directly at him. He deserves great credit and respect.


      • I have heard that democracy is fragile. And, so it has been seen to be so on numerous occasions. Just recently in Myanmar where a military coup succeeded. I had entertained that Trump might attempt to use the military to retain power, but as the final weeks until Inauguration Day before the insurrection (let’s call it what it was), my fears had lessened as it did not seem like he had the backing in military for this. But, what he did do was what In saw as a second avenue he thought was open to him. A coup by a mob. I have a sinking suspicion that not only was the rally planned, but I believe some in the group specifically knew that Trump would call them to so what they did. So, far no evidence has been unearth, so maybe I am guilty of dreaming up a conspiracy (lol). Trump’s problem is he didn’t plan enough, or the rioters did not. If they had, I think things would have been a lot worse, than calling for the deaths of certain people in Congress and VP Mike Pence. Would they have succeeded if they had, I cannot guess. Did Trump belief that he could overturn the election results by this mob violence? Who knows. But, he is a diagnosed psychopath (his niece did so), a they tend to be pretty careful until near the end before they get caught, where their confidence is buoyed by their seeming invincible successes. Whatever was planned, whether it was to overturn the election result, or and actual coup, it did not thankfully did not succeed and from January 6th it was a peaceful transfer of power. Trump remain quiet for the most part in his last weeks in office. Did he see the error of his ways. Probably not. Perhaps he was depression that his scheme did not succeed, but I think we can rest assure that he is able and will be willing to cause trouble in the future, and with his acquittal this is possibly with him in government. I am hoping for criminal prosecution for his acts of incitement, but I don’t hold out much hope for that.

        So the US’s democracy is secured for now. In two years time, will it still be secure? Probably, but one can never be 100% certain about the future, including the future of democracy in the US and the world at-large.

        Some claim that Trump would try in enact a fascist government. Well, they were pretty much on target, but he failed. Will there be a next time? Who really knows. Trump minded people are still around and will probably be in the future. The leadership of religious right, including some now in power, want to see the US become a theocracy, that is my worse fear as that would start a new witch hunt, only this time one of the victims would be transgender and gender non-confirming person. I hope you are right and not in our lifetimes.

        Sorry for taking up so much space, but my thoughts continued to flow as I wrote this.

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