Tonight’s the night, and it feels like the Oscars

Here we are at last.

Tonight is the Awards Ceremony for the Fife Voluntary Action Volunteering and Voluntary Sector 2018 Awards in which the group I help run, Transgender Fife, is shortlisted in the Equality and Diversity section.

We were amazed to have been shortlisted so we’re certainly not expecting to win, and we know that the other candidates will all be very worthy of the award. We wish them all well.

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Hanging on the line

So that went well … or not.

As I said in my last post there was some of some of my washing out on the line with the general household washing when wifey came home from work the other day.

After quite a black look in my direction she pointedly took all the other washing in, leaving my things behind.

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Press this !

Wifey left three big loads of washing to do today, so in the last load I added two or three of my girly things that needed doing.

Because of my back I don’t iron, although I wish I could as I used to love doing it, so it will be interesting when she comes home to see what her reaction is to what is on the washing line …

Fife Voluntary Action Awards 2018

This goes with huge thanks to my fellow volunteers.

I’m delighted to announce that the local transgender group I help run, Transgender Fife, has been shortlisted for an award in the Equality & Diversity category at this year’s Fife Voluntary Action Awards.

Thanks go out to all who support us and spread the word.

This is quite an achievement in our first year of independence!!

The Ceremony takes place on the evening of Thursday 7th June, so we hope you’ll all be sending love and positive vibes that evening. 😀

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Double standards and gagging orders – Part deux

Original post

You know what?  I really can’t be bothered to make a case in my own defence.

While I was enjoying a coffee out with a friend of mine earlier and we were clucking away like the couple of old hens we are it crossed my mind that I really don’t need all the angst and emotional upheaval that’s been going on in my life lately.

All I need is to be ME.

Being ME is enjoyable. Being ME is relaxing. Being ME is less stressful than worrying about what other people think of me. Being ME is healthy!!!

So, to hell with the past!  This girl is only looking forward and upwards, and watch out because she’s a handful !!! 😀

Hope everyone has as good a day as I’ve had. 🙂

Now get those hips a-moving because for all of you and for me “The Only Way is UP!”

Animal Definitions #317

So the conversation with my friend K went like this …
Me: you know, last night I went out into the garden, in tears, and just sat on the bench crying … wifey came out to put some plants in, walked right by me without a word, totally ignored me
K: Wow  D:
Me: after a few minutes I went back in, went to bed, still crying when she came back in – nothing !! .. totally ignored me all night
f*cking bitch
K:  Yeah, holy shit
Me: what kind of animal behaves like that ?
K: A cat.

Add “Age envy” to “Trans envy” and head for the Prozac

Image from

No names, no pack drill here, but lately things have been getting really knotted up in my head.

The situation is this.

I know a certain two trans* individuals, (not those pictured above), both in their 20’s and both beautiful people visually and personality-wise. It would be fair to say that I get floods of Trans Envy every time I see them due to the fact that they both pass particularly well. One is very feminine gender fluid, the other is transfemale.

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“But who would possibly want to be with you?”

It’s very rare for me to reblog someone else’s work, but I feel this particular post says so much about the internal struggles we face and how difficult it can be to overcome the often-held belief by others that we are in some way sexual parasites.

Thank you Zinnia Jones for expressing what many of us feel inside.

Reclaiming our transgender sexualities

Being transgender has NOTHING to do with sexuality

Ever since I first realised that I was a part of the transgender community it has seemed incongruous to me that our group should be included under the LGBT (LGBTQI+) umbrella. That is not to say that there aren’t valid reasons for those of us who don’t conform to societal binary “norms” to be grouped together in recognition of our shared struggle, indeed we all gain strength from our unity. But as you will see I find it leads to a lot of misrepresentation about us, our needs and our our desires.

Before I begin in earnest I’d like you to read this article as I will be referring to it during my little tirade here.

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