This page provides a list of motivational and/or thought provoking quotes that I’ve either found while reading other people’s blogs, seen other people quote, or that I’ve come up with myself.

Where possible I acknowledge the person who said them and link to their blog if I have a URL for it, and I begin with my own philosophy …

  • It’s not about being “Miss World”, it’s just about being “Miss”.  Tish Wolfsong.
  • The way people change their hearts and minds is to have a human being that’s dealing with these issues right in front of them.  Lane Galbraith, as quoted here.
  • There should not be just one socially acceptable kind of transgender person. We are not here for society’s comfort.  Gabriel Reséndez in this post.
  • My presence (and that of others like me) is an in-your-face reminder of how stultified and inhibited many people’s identities are.  Abigail Robinson in this post
  • If gender continues to be defined by bodies, then confusion, misunderstandings and stigma will continue. Darlene Tando
  • Closed minds often have their mouths wide open don’t they? Lennon Carlyle
  • Never think of yourself badly as your brain hears those thoughts and is lessened by them. Lennon Carlyle
  • If our appearance must tyrannically define our identity in the teeth of our deepest feelings, I can only conclude that we are truly screwed… Eleanor Burns
  • Admiration and praise for trans women shouldn’t only come if we fit a narrow definition of beauty. … (from the introduction to) MyVanityFairCover
  • I am not willing to continue to compromise who I am for the sake of perfect strangers. Jamie Neal
  • Isn’t our challenge, as parents, as therapists, as a society, to  support our young people when they step outside stereotyped gender norms? To allow a girl to have a crew cut or wear boxer shorts? For a boy to wear a dress if he wants?  …  4thWaveNow in this post
  • It’s not a matter of changing one’s identity but rather of affirming one’s identity and sharing it with others.  delfin bautista.
  • I don’t need people to tell me who I am.  patientacademic
  • Ignorance and misunderstanding lead to hate and violence which have no place in the twenty-first century. Gender, sex, and orientation are not always linked, and it is the responsibility of every person to become educated on these issues.  Wyatt Freeman, Staff Writer, The journal at ECU.
  • The only comprehensive explanations of transphobia are fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance is the lifeblood of American society in the Trump era. He campaigned on fear, he won on fear, and now he governs on fear. When people react to a transgender person negatively, that is an opportunity to correct them. …
    Defending a trans person does not make you a trans advocate, it makes you a decent human being. …
    Permitting a trans person walk down the street unbothered is not pro-trans, it’s pro-human.  Becky WTGH in this post.
  • Instead of waiting for others, follow your dream. Empower them, by sharing your dream and see if they want to follow. Liv in this post.
  • I am a woman, the software installed defines me. I got the wrong hardware at birth. Dee Starr in this post.
  • Look how glaciers permanently carved the landscape of the future we live in. It didn’t happen overnight. But they were determined and unstoppably powerful. Kris Frederick in a comment on this Beau of the Fifth Column video.