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What’s in a name?

For some time now I’ve been think about starting up a YouTube channel.

The problem I have is that I don’t feel that there’s enough I can offer to make it fully or even mainly about transgender issues or, for that matter, about any one particular subject. Which leaves me with a problem …

What to call it?

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Just can’t get into it

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ….. *long drawn out sigh*

You know you get those days sometimes; those days where you look around and see so many things that need doing, but every time you ask your brain if it wants to get involved it gives you a big “NAH!! … Go away and leave me alone!!”. Well today is one of those days.

It happens to be my birthday too, although I don’t think there’s a connection.

67 years ago today I was probably kicking and screaming my way onto this planet, poor planet. But today it’s like all I can do is make another coffee, sit around waiting for the rerun of today’s F1 Grand Prix, and watch never-ending YouTube videos.

So here’s the one that sums today up perfectly. 😀

(R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, and thank you for the memories)


Conflicting needs

How does one reconcile conflicting needs?

I’m in a quandary and can’t make up my mind which route to take.

As regular readers will know I’ve been helping to run my local Transgender Support Group for over 4 years now and said a couple of weeks ago that I’d had enough and would be stepping down. I’ve actually been trying to step away from running the group for over 18 months because I find the mental energy that’s required is more than I feel able to exert.

But …

Every time something comes along that the group could get involved with in order to spread the word about transgender issues or to advocate for the LGBT+ community, especially in my local area, it fires up my internal inspiration and I feel that this is something I need to be doing.

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21 Today !

No, not me! (Oh, how I wish I were)

This blog!

I started this little part of me that says “Here I am at last, the woman I was so afraid to share with even myself, never mind the big wide world” just two months ago, and today I registered my 21st follower!

Thank you all so very much for taking an interest, and for your caring and supportive comments. I truly appreciate that you’re all out there and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it and reading your own blogs. 🙂

So today, my first full day of freedom at home … and the place looks like a tart’s parlour!

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One Lovely Blog Award – It’s nice to feel appreciated


Had a headache all night and woke up with it this morning. Bummer. 😦

Going through the emails and suddenly “WT….?!”, I find that a blogging friend of mine, Lennon Carlyle, has included me in the list of blogs she nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Are you kidding me?!

Like her I’m not really in to these things, but it is always nice to feel appreciated and to know that people do care about us, like what we scribble and how we present our thoughts and experiences, so here goes …

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Doing a lot of reading

One of the ways I’ve benefited since starting this blog is that the WordPress Reader has enabled me to focus in on some interesting material with regard to the whole process of transitioning that I wouldn’t otherwise have come across; useful tips and guidelines, the experiences of other people both as transgendered individuals or their friends/relatives, and motivational posts or wordings which help to boost my confidence.

Ever since my accident 9 years ago I’ve had great difficulty with committing myself to reading much because of the concentration it takes and trying to justify the “worth” of it because within a very short space of time I’m so likely to forget that I ever read things in the first place. It’s because of that very fact that I’ve completely given up even trying to read books.  As much as I would dearly love to settle down for a day and devour a good read from cover to cover (my old way), trying to read a book in bite-sized chunks, such as a chapter a day, would be impossible both from an organisational and “keeping up with the story” viewpoint; I’d have forgotten what I’d read before, who any characters were, the interactions between them, etc. etc.. (In the eyes of the medical profession, of course, this in no way inhibits any aspect of my daily life).

But blogs are different.  Blog posts can be spoon-fed to me, and it really isn’t that important a lot of the time to be able to remember what happened yesterday or in some previous post by the author. If I need to refer back to anything to help in my understanding of anything or to contextualise anything in particular then I can just do so by switching to a different tab in the browser.

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