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“But who would possibly want to be with you?”

It’s very rare for me to reblog someone else’s work, but I feel this particular post says so much about the internal struggles we face and how difficult it can be to overcome the often-held belief by others that we are in some way sexual parasites.

Thank you Zinnia Jones for expressing what many of us feel inside.

Reclaiming our transgender sexualities

The urge to start dating and how to eat an elephant

I know how it is to be on such a high once you’ve accepted your true self that you feel you’re ready to start dating, to start along the path to sharing your most intimate self with someone else … I’ve been there.

But I feel it should be said that a degree of caution and serious reflection should also be considered in this respect.

I can’t tell anyone what they should or should not do in their own life, but our emotions go through the mill with everything that is happening to us and it can take a lot longer to find the right level of equilibrium whereby we are truly “ready” for such a step than we might imagine.

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