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The Beach Hut

20151110 Beach Hut
Coming down the stairs I then headed to the kitchen to put Mickey’s clothes into the wash, calling to Liam “I think he’ll sleep well tonight, he was playing in the garden most of the day.”

Liam was on the couch watching the game so after setting the washing going I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed a couple more beers from the fridge and went in to join him.

“Ugh, down by 16 already?!” I remarked as I placed the beers on the coffee table in front of Liam. “Yeah”, he replied, “Including a safety and a TD interception. They need to make some changes in that team, and fast, or this season will over before half way.”

I settled down next to him on the couch and we snuggled up close, as we always do. The game barely improved and we were still 13 down at the half.

During half time we snuggled and kissed a little, and then Liam suddenly said, “You know, we could do with a break …what say we go down to the Cape one weekend soon? Take the little fella along to see where it all started, huh?”

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