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Adolescent breasts 50 years past due date and NHS gripes

I will say from the outset that I don’t intend to pull any punches with this blog.  I will say my piece, with complete openness and honesty, about my personal journey towards transition and all other matters surrounding it which I feel are relevant or may be of interest to anyone reading my posts.

That will mean that no subject matter is taboo, no matter how private, and without regard for anyone else’s personal bigotry or dogma.  If anyone is made to feel uncomfortable by anything that I write here then they are quite welcome to go read someone else’s blog, that is their choice in a free world. This is my blog and I reserve the right to voice my own opinions on all matters.

Today’s post is about the early changes which my body and in some ways my mind are going through, and my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the way the NHS in the UK “processes” the needs of people with Gender Dysphoria.

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