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Being transgender has NOTHING to do with sexuality

Ever since I first realised that I was a part of the transgender community it has seemed incongruous to me that our group should be included under the LGBT (LGBTQI+) umbrella. That is not to say that there aren’t valid reasons for those of us who don’t conform to societal binary “norms” to be grouped together in recognition of our shared struggle, indeed we all gain strength from our unity. But as you will see I find it leads to a lot of misrepresentation about us, our needs and our our desires.

Before I begin in earnest I’d like you to read this article as I will be referring to it during my little tirade here.

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What the world needs now is love

Wow, is it nearly FIVE MONTHS since I posted ?!?! <slaps self>

That’s what happens when you have to be in boy mode so much of the time after moving house. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย Moving the bar and my store in SL took a lot of my time too, but both are so much improved now – the effort was well worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Health could have been better. My best t-girl friend is now “living her dream” full time and everything is going wonderfully well for her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fife T-Time, (the group affectionately known as “Eric” and run by LGBT Health & Wellbeing), is taking off. Next week will see the inaugural Fife LGBT Gala, and I have my ticket ! YAY !

But, the purpose of this short post is to forewarn you all of an announcement I’ll be making later in the week about something rather important to all of us and for which I’ll be needing your help. (No more info for now, other than the music… I DO like a cliffhanger…)

Hope all of you are well, making progress, and keeping love in your heart.

See you soon !

Air Transat Denies Boarding to Transgender Passenger

I was quite surprised to come across this story this morning, especially as the passenger concerned was in the UK at the time.

It’s a cautionary tale for any transgender traveler that, despite what you may think, your rights can still be denied at any time.

If I’d spotted it yesterday at the time it happened I would have suggested she get the police involved.

First Transgender Consultation Session in Fife

Tomorrow sees the first of the new get-together sessions for Transgender folk in Fife, organised by LGBT Health and Wellbeing.

I know I’m a little late in posting about this but I’ve been in the middle of moving house and things are somewhat chaotic. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Do you identify as Transgender or are exploring your gender? | We need your helpย 

Saturday 25th June | 1-3pm
Central Kirkcaldy venue, Fife

We invite you to our special meet up. Would you like to see a regular social gathering open to transgender people in Fife?

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Video letter to the world’s gay community from those in Orlando

I have so many things to say following the horrific events in Orlando but unfortunately time is not my friend right now.

So I will let the gay community of Orlando speak for themselves by sharing this video letter they produced with the help of the BBC.



Please help the victims of the Orlando Pulse shootings and their families


Equality Florida, a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization and the state’s LGBT civil rights organization, has launched a GoFundMe site to accept donations to help the victims and families affected by the horrific shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub.

Please support them if you can.

*hugs* Tish

My brain is turning to porridge

Just over two weeks now since my first jab of Triptorelin (T-blockers). Yesterday I collected my new FREE wigs. Yay!

This week wifey, who subsequently claimed she thought I’d “forgotten” about this transition thing, started looking again for somewhere to buy, and we found somewhere that would be perfect for either her alone, or us. Oh wonderful! (sarcasm).

Poor Danny’s been stressed out all week because his cat cut a paw last weekend and has had to be left every day with a cone on so he doesn’t lick it while the antibiotics do their work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We received a “wedding invitation” from some friends in Second Life yesterday, and I’m going to be Maid of Honour *smiles*, and last night wifey mentioned the “D” word for the first time.

Some week!

Okay, so let’s try to make sense of all this …

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Today I began the next stage of my journey

Finally, almost three years since my “moment of realisation”, today I had my first jab of Triptorelin.

Testosterone Blockers!!! … YAYYYYYY !!!

A jab in the bum which should last 3 months, then another one to follow that, I already have the kit to take with me next time, and at about that time I should be starting on the Estrogen patches. ๐Ÿ™‚

So now there’s no turning back for me, not that there was ever going to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

I mentioned in my brief post earlier today that things seem to be converging, so let me explain.

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It’s something of a momentous day today.

There’s a lot of important things happening right now, and today seems to be the day when they all converge.

So right now I’m trembling, trying to control my breathing, and trying to “think straight” about what I need to do, and in what order.

I’ll tell you more later in the day …


Progress, at last!

Yes, it’s me again!

As you can probably guess by the lack of posts lately I’ve really been struggling with the hiatus in progress caused by the fact that my GP said she couldn’t prescribe the Triptorelin (Testosterone blockers) that the GIC had said I need. This, plus the fact that I had to do soooo much chasing up just to even get that far, meant that I dropped into a severe depression, even to the point of feeling suicidal at times.

Eventually Danny and my other friends managed to persuade me to go back to my GP, and I’ve been on Prozac for the past few weeks. I think it IS helping, although I am feeling quite tired most days.

However, today I had another appointment at the Gender Clinic, and that’s what this post is about … PROGRESS!!

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