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Double standards and gagging orders – Part deux

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You know what?  I really can’t be bothered to make a case in my own defence.

While I was enjoying a coffee out with a friend of mine earlier and we were clucking away like the couple of old hens we are it crossed my mind that I really don’t need all the angst and emotional upheaval that’s been going on in my life lately.

All I need is to be ME.

Being ME is enjoyable. Being ME is relaxing. Being ME is less stressful than worrying about what other people think of me. Being ME is healthy!!!

So, to hell with the past!  This girl is only looking forward and upwards, and watch out because she’s a handful !!! 😀

Hope everyone has as good a day as I’ve had. 🙂

Now get those hips a-moving because for all of you and for me “The Only Way is UP!”

Lay on the virtual couch and tell me about it

Time for some self-therapy.

I crave dopamine!! I always have.

Just recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have been producing more than my fair share of it as I watch events unfold around me. But, this has a down side too. The sudden, comparatively huge rush of it compared to my normally dull existence has seen me lose some of my inhibitions as far as expressing my inner thoughts, to a point where I think I’m overstepping the line and need to rein myself in.

Last night I did some deep thinking about this and I was starting to see what is happening and, more importantly, the reason why.

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“But who would possibly want to be with you?”

It’s very rare for me to reblog someone else’s work, but I feel this particular post says so much about the internal struggles we face and how difficult it can be to overcome the often-held belief by others that we are in some way sexual parasites.

Thank you Zinnia Jones for expressing what many of us feel inside.

Reclaiming our transgender sexualities

Video letter to the world’s gay community from those in Orlando

I have so many things to say following the horrific events in Orlando but unfortunately time is not my friend right now.

So I will let the gay community of Orlando speak for themselves by sharing this video letter they produced with the help of the BBC.



Transgender Day of Remembrance


Today is a day where we are all asked to set aside some time for reflection. To think about those whose lives were taken purely because of who they were. Callously murdered simply for being themselves.

Over the years they have been many, but even one life extinguished out of irrational hatred is too many.

I’ll be going along to the Women’s Wellbeing Group: “Thank You” get-together, partly because it’s a group that I haven’t had the opportunity to attend before, but particularly on this occasion to join with them in showing solidarity and respect for those we have lost. We may never have known our lost comrades personally, but we walk a similar path, suffer similar emotions, similar stresses, and hold similar hopes and dreams that they once held.

Tonight’s meeting will be our very own version of Thanksgiving where we come together to share food, music, stories and experiences. There is also the option of taking along items for the local Food Bank, and I’ve put together a selection of things which are on their “most wanted” list.

Even if you don’t have a local group doing anything to mark this day I would ask you to try to find a few moments to take time out to reflect. Maybe light a candle at home, or in a church that you may pass during the day, and just remember that people the world over, not just transgender people, face hatred, persecution, violence and death due to the ignorance and irrational fears of others.

We need to stop hatred in this world, in all its’ forms. We need to learn to live together in peace and to accept that everyone is different, everyone is unique, and everyone has a right to be the person they are inside.

Let today be a day where we spread that message as a tribute to those who went before us and paid the ultimate price.

Thank you.

Common sense and decency prevails in the case of Tara Hudson

Tara Hudson

You may be aware of the case of Tara Hudson, a transgender female who was sent to an all male prison in the UK last week.

Despite having lived as a woman for her whole adult life and having undergone substantial gender affirming surgery, Tara has not yet legally changed her gender from male to female.

The good news is that she has finally been moved to a female prison to serve out the rest of her sentence, but not before over 150,000 people, including myself, had signed up to an online petition supporting that move and her having suffered 23 hours a day confinement and substantial and traumatic verbal taunts from other inmates.

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Brelyn Bowman, a woman of virtue

After the exertions of the past few days, not to mention the emotional roller coaster, I’m fairly exhausted. Had to get up to take wifey in to work this morning, but I went straight back to bed after I got home and slept until gone 3pm. Now I’m on the Tramadol because my body still aches so much, but at least it’s helping.

Today I’m going to leave aside matters of gender completely to discuss “respect”.

Reading through some of the stories on Yahoo I came across this one about a woman, Brelyn Bowman, who presented her father with a “Certificate of Purity” on her wedding day.

Yep, that’s right, a “Look, Dad, I’m still a virgin!” message.

As is always the case with anything to do with someone’s “personal choice” the reactions to this online have varied from support to vilification, but in commenting on this story I want to concentrate on it from a very simplistic point of view.

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