I think she’s got it! … I think she’s got it!

I really don’t know where to start, so let’s start at the end …

It seems I have my diagnosis !!!  YAY !!! WOOT !!! *dancing around the kitchen like a demented squirrel*

In the words of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, “I think she’s got it! … I think she’s got it!”

Here’s how it went …

Leaving aside the details of a lot of very stressful chaos surrounding the logistics of wifey getting to work this morning, I prepared myself as planned; skirt, top, make-up, and then off to the hairdressers for a final spit and polish.

I still go to the same male hairdressers that I used to use before my “realisation”, and Mel is very understanding and accommodating. Wednesdays are her day off though, so her assistant was tasked with getting me ready. Time being of the essence I had to go there en femme, which didn’t really bother me, although I’m not sure what the other male customers made of it.

As I’d gotten out of the car I’d realised that the wrap I had taken with me was going to need some “assistance” in the windy conditions and so I borrowed a black clip from them too, just to stop it from blowing away once I got to Edinburgh.

Having arrived at the Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) the receptionist was really helpful, chatty and friendly, and she gave me directions to the waiting area. It turns out her nickname when she was young was “Tishy”, so we had a giggle about that. 🙂

I excused myself to the little girls’ room to “tidy up” first before going on in, and double-checked the directions with her upon my return. I also inquired as to whether Dr. K. was male or female, just so I was prepared,  and was reassured to be told that she’s female, and “lovely!”. (Which she was).

As I was just about to head on through the receptionist called out “And you look … ” and gave me a big double thumbs-up, which felt really wonderful. That’s the first real life compliment about my appearance that I’ve had. 🙂

I hung around the waiting area for a few minutes and Dr. K. eventually arrived, looking quite stunning in a really gorgeous dress, which I complimented her on.

We proceeded to the consulting room and she went through the report from my previous appointment with Dr. G., allowing me to read it along with her so that I could comment or clarify any minor points along the way. As we were doing this she asked how I got my nails to be as good as they are, and I told her I was just lucky to have always had good nails. 🙂

Yes, they are my own

Yes, they are my own

We finished going through the report and discussed various matters around my home situation, my plans for escape from wifey, changing my name officially, Danny, and such like, and then came to the question of the smoking.

I told her of the changes I had made to my daily routine which have helped me cut down a bit, but did admit that it was a slow process, and she said she wanted a commitment from me that I would get down to a maximum of 5 a day, or preferably zero, in order to be able to put me on the hormones and I agreed to this. Hell, it’s sooo worth it! (Don’t judge me, please)

She then began explaining the way forward which would start with T-blockers, which we both agreed would be good for me, and then subject to my keeping the smoking bargain and there being no problems with my blood test I would be able to start on estrogen patches by the time of my next appointment in January. Patches are apparently preferable for someone of my age as they bypass the heart and liver and the estrogen is taken directly into the blood through the skin.

She checked my blood pressure, which as always was “perfect”, and then took an armful of the red stuff for analysis.

Being somewhat overawed by the situation I got her to go over things again, just to try to get them to gel with me, and it looks like I’ll be getting my first jab of T-Blockers within about a month to six weeks. The first dose will last a month, and then I’ll get another jab that will cover me for 3 months. I’ll see her again in January and then all being well I’ll be on the patches!!

Hallelujah !!!!

On the way out I snuck a quick half-hug as I thanked her then headed back to reception and took a break for a well needed cuppa. I asked the receptionist to take a picture of me, for the record, and to help me clip up my wrap as it was so windy outside, both of which she willingly agreed to.

Gimp look #28D

Gimp look #28D

Now I’m home and I just don’t know how to feel; relieved, elated, discombobulated … who knows? … who cares ?!

Danny is feeling poorly today and has taken a day off work, poor love, so I’ve got Skype open hoping he’ll come online before I have to take my things off and revert to “boy” mode.

Wifey will be, well, who knows? … bitter, I expect.

I’ll have to ride quite a storm here at home over the next little while but I’m on my way, and that’s what today was all about. 🙂

WOOT !!!


8 thoughts on “I think she’s got it! … I think she’s got it!

    • Thank you Geena, 🙂
      Yes, very glad! … Only now really getting over the shock factor and settling into the idea that I actually didn’t have to fight that hard for it. Now I can start enjoying being me again and stop fretting. 🙂


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