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Hanging on the line

So that went well … or not.

As I said in my last post there was some of some of my washing out on the line with the general household washing when wifey came home from work the other day.

After quite a black look in my direction she pointedly took all the other washing in, leaving my things behind.

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Press this !

Wifey left three big loads of washing to do today, so in the last load I added two or three of my girly things that needed doing.

Because of my back I don’t iron, although I wish I could as I used to love doing it, so it will be interesting when she comes home to see what her reaction is to what is on the washing line …

Fife Voluntary Action Awards 2018

This goes with huge thanks to my fellow volunteers.

I’m delighted to announce that the local transgender group I help run, Transgender Fife, has been shortlisted for an award in the Equality & Diversity category at this year’s Fife Voluntary Action Awards.

Thanks go out to all who support us and spread the word.

This is quite an achievement in our first year of independence!!

The Ceremony takes place on the evening of Thursday 7th June, so we hope you’ll all be sending love and positive vibes that evening. 😀

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